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About the Project

The Miller's Way Project began as an idea in 2018. The Old Tabernacle Church on Miller's Way in Shepherds Bush (West London), is where it would lay down its roots and begin to take form. The plans to transform it sprung into action in May 2020, and by June 2021 the doors opened to our old clients - so that they could continue on with their own personal human health projects - and warmly welcomed in any new people that wanted to start.

The Project is a natural progression for Chloe, James and Steve (the founders). Chloe and Steve began their mentorship under the guidance of James in 2013 at his clinic in Kings Cross. Over that time it became clear that our values met in wanting to continue to develop our skills as practitioners as well as take on new challenges that developed us as individuals (like this project). We were all keen on working to educate more people about their bodies, and to create an environment where people could be empowered with information that allows them to take control of their health.

The confluence of these values eventually came together with enough force to result in the creation of something new. Our practice is rooted in the traditions of Chinese medicine/Acupuncture, whilst working closely with practitioners of Ayurveda and Western alternative treatment methods. We specialise in treating acute discomfort and chronic health issues that allopathic medicine can struggle to resolve. 


To do this we draw on Daoist and Ayurvedic traditions, and try to find new ways of understanding this ancestral knowledge. We believe these tried and tested principles provide a concise, clear and remarkably accurate framework for recognising the “givens” of human life. One of our aims is to maximise your efficient and artful crafting of these practices into your own lives, as we endeavour to do in ours.


The Project space is spread over 2 floors, with the ground floor being a venue for Classes and workshops and the first floor for treatments. We are not trying to preserve or copy ancient practices, but are passing on this understanding of how to identify and nurture, train and refine, physical, mental and social abilities in a way that is appropriate for you individually, and the modern world that we  live in.

Our Approach

Our treatments aim to free people from the discomfort of physical barriers so that they are able to train effectively to reach new limits of capability and enjoy higher levels of challenge, whatever those may be for that individual.

Our classes and courses are based on 5 main facets of physical/mental health (listed below) which allows us to work with you to assess which aspects you are strong in and where you may need a little guidance and practice:

  • postural integrity 

  • springing flexibility 

  • core balance

  • coordination/rhythms 

  • internal awareness/repair

The Sum of our parts, makes us Whole (Rumi)

James Cattermole, Chloe Ogden, Steve McCulloch

Over the years we have met practitioners with different skills that have been remarkable. We are delighted to be able to have some of them basing themselves from here and becoming a part of the Project. Everyone who treats or trains at Miller’s Way knows this journey well. There is nothing we will ask you to do that we have not asked of ourselves, although we will never assume that our journey is your journey. We embody what we are imparting to others and can speak from our own experience and insights in healing, training and growing. 

Our aim is to assist you in finding out the best path for yourself, and trust that you will generously share your findings with others so that we are all, always, able to learn.

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