Our Values

We treat those whose challenges are not being helped adequately by conventional approaches, whether those be common conditions where a more satisfactory treatment is wanted, or “medical outliers” where conditions are as yet unsuccessfully diagnosed or treated. 


Most people come to us because they have hit a painful or unpleasant barrier in their body or their mental processes, or because of how external circumstances of their life are affecting them.

Image by Andreas Gücklhorn
Image by Johnson Wang

Our Approach

At out alternative therapy centre, the Treatments are to free people from the discomfort of these barriers so that they are able to train physically and mentally in order to reach new limits of capability and enjoy higher levels of challenge.

The Classes and Courses are based on 5 main facets of physical/mental health which allows us to work with you to assess which aspects you are strong in and where you may need a little guidance and practice:

  • postural integrity 

  • springing flexibility 

  • core balance

  • coordination/rhythms 

  • internal awareness/repair

Our Team

Everyone who treats or trains at Miller’s Way knows this journey well. There is nothing we will ask you to do that we have not asked of ourselves, although we will never assume that our journey is your journey. We embody what we are imparting to others and can speak from our own experience and insights in healing, training and growing. 

Our aim is to assist you in finding out the best path for yourself, and trust that you will generously share your findings with others so that we are all, always, able to learn.