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Miller's Way Project is an alternative therapy centre established by an experienced team of practitioners who share a passion for building a community, fostering the exploration of health and well-being outside of conventional medical treatments.

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Introductory pre-launch treatment price

Treatments are £70 until the end of August. They are normally charged at £80 and the discount is already applied at the check out.

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Satria Flow: Core
Classes available now


Fusion of Pilates mat work and core work from the Satria Yoga system consists of low-impact movements that emphasise proper postural alignment, deep core conditioning and overall muscular strength and endurance. Engage - hold - control

Harmonious with Ben
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Building spring-like legs & whip-like arms that work in harmony. Arm swinging patterns and dynamic footwork, inspired by universal human patterns.

Qi Gong with Oleg
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Qi Gong is an ancient internal art that helps to regulate internal processes of human body through standing, moving and sitting exercises combines with various methods of breathing, Increase levels and improve flow of energy throughout the body.

Rock in Sand

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Our practice combines acupuncture and bodywork during your appointment and our treatments are always specific and appropriate to your state of health on the day of the treatment. 


Our practitioners are trained in Deep Tissue, Remedial, Sports, Relaxation and Pregnancy Massage and so can adapt treatments to the strength and sensitivity that suits you.


Adjusting joint spaces and various soft tissues to correct and realign the body, and restore blood and fluid movement.



We find alternative treatment solutions for medical conditions.

We treat those whose challenges are not being helped adequately by conventional approaches using methods originally developed in the Far East over several thousands of years, adapted for the modern era.


These involve a collection of physical exercises, herbal treatments, and bodywork interventions (e.g. joint manipulation, massage and acupuncture), all based on a profound understanding of how living organisms function to bring the intelligent systems of the body and mind back to efficient physiological patterns.

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The treatments at Miller’s Way all represent well-proven and effective approaches that use different tools but similar philosophies to restore the core aspects of human health.


Our teachers help you explore and understand your physical capabilities so that you can learn from your strengths and weaknesses and build an enjoyable and adaptable resilience.

Assistant Clinic

We are committed to passing on our knowledge and upholding the lineages of the teachers who have taught us, and we strive for excellence in the students who train with us. 

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Workshops & Events

Specialist events to give you a more detailed insight into various aspects of health and coaching from our experienced instructors.

Clinical Training

Continually progressing our own skills and knowledge through practice, collaboration with other specialists and comprehension of new techniques.

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We will engage with the local community wherever possible, forming alliances with other like-minded organisations and clubs, and offering affordable options for those on low incomes. 


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Lizzie A.

I have experienced many different Pilates and yoga instructors. What sets Charlotte apart is her extraordinary ability to communicate.