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Charlotte Wise
Every Friday 10:30 - 12 Noon

@ Millers Way Project

Contact Charlotte to join or drop in


Charlotte has over 25 years’ experience working with the body and its nuances, and over 20 years working specifically with Pilates as a form of prehab and rehab.

Charlotte has a Sport Science degree and has studied the body extensively through various lenses; she loves human anatomy and beyond her Sports Science background she teaches Pilates and Yoga, believing a holistic approach to our health and wellbeing is fundamental.

Pilates is a functional exercise system that increases our awareness of our body and our posture. As a modality, Pilates helps us develop strength, endurance and flexibility in the muscles and connective tissues of our body’s ‘core’ – anything that helps us support our pelvis, spine, and shoulder girdle. We can enjoy more controlled and balanced movement and experience more physical comfort and ease in our day. Pilates nurtures your body and your mind. Bringing awareness to the breath (a vital element of your Pilates sessions) aids in relaxation, and by concentrating on connecting your breath and movement you are encouraged to be fully present and focused. You are helping yourself to function optimally and with cohesion.

Charlotte offers 1:1 sessions and small group classes at Miller's Way. In your session Charlotte will talk to your body, communicating to empower you to work effectively and to tailor your session as best serves you. Pilates is not a 'one-size-fits-all’ workout but a very personalised journey. It remains the one exercise modality that she believe benefits everybody regardless of age, health, or fitness level. Charlotte has used Pilates successfully to support a wide range of people with varying requirements form professional athletes to post-partum women.


Pilates can be used to:

Rehabilitate post injury or surgery
Strengthen and support pre/post-partum
Support sport specific conditioning
Enhance balance and coordination
Facilitate ease in daily movement
Promote relaxation through awareness of breath


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