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Specialist Clinics


In setting up the Miller’s Way Project, the aim was always to help talented practitioners follow their calling, develop their skills in treating and benefit as many people as they could in the process. Part of this involves providing space, time and
support for targeted “assistance clinics” for those we feel need more help than they usually have access to. In this light, Miller’s Way are delighted to announce the following clinics that we able to support.
Eventually we want to be able to attract charitable support for them. To do this we have to collect data from treatment of the conditions that we treat and how we can affect change in their symptoms. We need to have evidence for what we can do, as well as finding out the type of conditions we cannot help, so that we can aim our resources better.
The key point to make is that, if these clinics are not used and do not flourish, we will have to discontinue them, so please please, spread the word and help us get the message out there to anyone who you think could use this service so that we can refine and grow the services we offer.

The sessions are charged at very low rate, although many people have asked if they can pay more. Therefore if you wish to Donate, please ask your practitioner on the day. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and goes straight into the kitty for the assistance clinic you are donating to. It means that we can compensate the practitioner or make the treatment available to someone else who needs but cannot afford it otherwise.
Please never feel obliged to donate. All that we do ask is

  • Your commitment to the process

  • Feedback in the form of assessment forms and online reviews, and to

  • Spread the word

Thank you

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