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Chloe Ogden


A childhood spent moving between multiple continents instilled in me a love of languages, which led me to complete an undergraduate masters degree in Mandarin, for which I spent time living and studying in Taipei and Shanghai. So many aspects of Chinese culture made their mark on me during those experiences, and after a brief stint working in banking, I returned to university to gain my BSc in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. 

Since graduating, I have furthered my studies with many outstanding teachers, but most consistently under Andrew Nugent-Head's guidance. His style of Classical Chinese Medicine has influenced me greatly. His focus on effective and tangible treatments to produce observable and repeatable results has taken my understanding and application of Chinese medicine principles to another level of efficacy. This classical acupuncture style has as its founding principles outlined in the original texts of Daoism and Chinese Medicine, compiled over 2000 years ago. 

I have also completed my classical Chinese herbal medicine studies, graduating as a Diplomate of the ICEAM school, and studying with Arnaud Versluys and his senior teachers. I have studied the Foundation and Advanced courses of NeoClassical Acupuncture with Dr Slate Burris, as well as foundation level cranial-sacral therapy with the Upledger Institute. For my own personal development I have trained for many years under the guidance of Damo Mitchell and his Lotus Neigong School of internal arts. 

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