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Ben Medder

Class Instructor

Ben Medder is a movement coach and creator of the Move With The Seasons. Move With The Seasons is primarily an outlook on observing, coordinating and adapting (moving) with change. Moving with the rhythm of the changing seasons of our inner and outer landscapes. Listening to the stories we tell ourselves and trying to understand relationships to body, people and place, their interconnectedness and how we communicate. Seasonal practices, movement and spirit of place are the main themes for exploration. It includes the balance and co-creation of an individual, inter-relational/environmental and reflective practice.

Ben has 10 years coaching experience internationally, and is widely recognised as one of the earliest contributors to the UK movement scene. As a father of 3, his children are his biggest inspiration, having the privilege to glimpse at the world through their eyes to rediscover childlike qualities we admire and embrace. Passionate about embodiment via movement and empowering people to find their own way and believe that they know their bodies best, he is focussed on facilitating playful and meaningful practice, mainly in outdoor spaces.

He invites people to refresh their innate play drives - to run, jump, climb, wrestle and dance - but to also take time for an individual practice that is reflective and helps people find out who they are as they and the world around them changes. He sees movement practice as a vehicle for personal and social development, a chance to reconnect and observe relationships with yourself, each other and your surroundings, with play being an opportunity to cultivate a creative capacity with your social and physical environment and nourish your imagination and adaptiveness.

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