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What is the Human Health Project (a perspective).....?

The project is the development of a process of continual, enjoyable progression along the path of healthy living. This means healing, refreshing and reinvigorating optimally whilst enjoying your normal life.

It is for those who have decided that their life is their career for those who would like a smooth challenge to their life, not the stop start of dodgems nor careering downhill towards haphazard destinations.

It is for those who wish to find and gently go beyond their limitations.

It is for those who feel that income and outcome are less important than the quality of the ride, who look for the answers inside themselves as much as in the big wide world.

Those who have come to trust their own judgement enough to follow their own nose, knowing that they will be content with where so ever that leads.

Those who know how to fulfil many of their own needs and have named and tamed their wants, and are not ashamed of those that remain.

For those prepared to pay life’s bill while smiling, who believe that health is not found in an abundance of pills and concessions and regressions piling one on top of the other, but treasure the steadier progression.

It is for those who do not want a life lived on Satnav, on other people’s bidding, on the suppose of those who do not know nor wish to uncover.

For those who study the map, refine the compass and set out to discover, what remains beyond horizons, beneath our feet:

the never answered question of ourselves and of each other.

N of One, July 2023

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