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Cancer Support Clinic

We offer this treatment whether you are currently receiving Chemo or Radio therapy, or if you have completed these sessions and could use some support to get your strength back




Wednesdays, Miller's Way Project, London W6 7NH

TO BOOK: Please Email Laurie Ayers at

Use "Cancer Support" in the subject line

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The type of herbal formula and support we provide Is focussed on supporting the healthy functioning of the body, via the blood flow, digestion, and metabolism. Our main questions to you will be about your feelings of discomfort in limbs, bowels, feeling too hot or too cold, appetite, sleep, energy levels etc. The aim of treatment is to coordinate and improve your bodies adaptability and resilience and not to address the tumours directly.


Modern advances in targeted Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are excellent at attacking the cancer cells directly (unmatched by herbs). Our herbal medicine approach is like a kind of super targeted and enhanced nutrition support for the healthy functioning of the body. Each formula is tailored uniquely to you at the particular stage of response you are in when the consultation happens. This makes it an ideal approach when used in combination with conventional cancer treatments.

Laurie leads the Cancer Support Clinic


Laurie is an experienced clinician, lecturer & clinical instructor. Having been in clinical practice since 2007 he is experienced in treating people with a wide range of conditions, with a specialism in supporting those with autoimmune diseases, & other chronic complex issues.   He is the foremost teacher of the Tian lineage of the Shang Han Lun style of Chinese herbal medicine in the UK & Europe, and has been regularly teaching in numerous locations around Europe, Australia, & the US since 2010.   Laurie began his studies in Chinese medicine at age 19 at the London College of Traditional Acupuncture, completing a diploma in Tui Na, a BSc (hons) degree in acupuncture, and a postgraduate diploma in oriental herbal medicine.   Towards the end of his formal studies in 2007, Laurie met Dr. Arnaud Versluys, the current lineage holder of the Tian lineage, a classical herbal lineage of Shang Han Za Bing Lun practice based around highly systematic method of pulse diagnosis. He was also fortunate to study with Dr. Versluys’ teacher & previous lineage holder, the master clinician Dr. Zeng Rong Xiu, on a number of occasions before he sadly passed away.   In 2012 Laurie stopped practicing acupuncture & tui na to focus exclusively on the practice of herbal medicine. Alongside his clinical practice, Laurie continues to study & teach the Tian lineage, & offer clinical consultancy services to other practitioners.

The Place

The treatment will be at Miller’s Way Project which is in Miller’s way, Shepherd’sBush, W6 7NH. The clinic sessions are held upstairs in a private room. The waiting area is around a lovely communal table with herbal tea on tap so you can relax before and after the session and when you wait for your prescription to be mixed. There is car access to the door for drop offs and pick ups, but not car parking as this is a small private residential road. 

About the type of herbal medicine

The type of herbal medicine that Laurie uses come from a particular Chinese medicine tradition which relates back to one of the “classic” bodies of work. This tradition is focussed on how the body rations out its metabolic resources especially as it relates to immune function and blood flow. The system uses a very careful examination of the pulse to determine how to combine the flavours and the “nature” of the herb (density, where the herb tends to head to in the body and how the herb will alter fluid flow) to choose the strategy for treatment. Although often very quick and effective in terms of addressing symptoms which may be bothering you, the strength of this system is that It is linking up and co ordinating body functions, rather than just targeting one symptom. This makes it a very elegant system with far fewer “side” effects and a very clear and strategic approach. The ai of herbal medicine like this is always to get you to the point where you no longer need the herbs as you body systems have been “re connected’ or re- established proper coordination of function. In basing our formula prescription on the quality of the pulse we are trying to assess how the body is currently trying to keep the body functioning well, by organising the way it distributes immune response via the blood flow. The approach we use then allows us to work out at which “level’ this attempt to rebalance is getting stuck, probably how it got there, and the stages in coming out of the situation. We know what a healthy pulse feels like, the kind of healthy and responsive blood flow it represents, and that is what we are aiming to achieve. Each formula is tailored uniquely to you at the particular stage of response you are in when the consultation happens. This means that we do not have to think too much about clashes with medication etc because the pulse has given us an insight and a gauge as to how the body is working with the medication that you are taking. It does not matter so much how the body got stuck in the pattern it is in (medication or no) it still can be helped out of that situation. Although we can advise on many aspects of diet, exercise etc, we will never say to you that you should stop this or that medication, we will support whichever route you choose to take to deal with your health challenge and are not looking to add to your concerns by contradicting your consultants advice. Lets be honest Chinese herbs are not the most pleasant tasting drinks you have ever had and there is nothing we can do about that. Grin and bear it and take the herbs. You are drinking them for your health not your tastebuds. Many of us suspect that our tastebuds and the food we are eating are contributing to the health problems we are facing, and the tastes you get from targeted herbs are in part a remedy for this situation. Many of the formula are pleasant, the majority being based on cinnamon and ginger (very like the tea we serve in the clinic). Others….not so pleasant

About cost

Laurie gives up his time to treat and MW does not charge rent. In the future we would like to look for charitable donations for this service so that Laurie can be paid for his time, but in order to do that we have to prove that we are providing an effective service, hence the questionnaire and progress checks. It also helps to ensure that we are providing effective benefit. If we are not, we will want to give our treatment slots to someone we can help.


The sessions are charged at very low rate, although many people have asked if they can pay more.  If you want to donate, there will be an option to do so on the day. Please just ask your practitioner.

Any help is greatly appreciated and goes straight into the kitty for the assistance clinic you are donating to. It means that we can compensate the practitioner or make the treatment available to someone else who needs but cannot afford it otherwise.


Please never feel obliged to donate. All that we do ask is

  • Your commitment to the process

  • Feedback in the form of assessment forms and online reviews, and to

Spread the word

Cost of herbs

We charge just above the cost price for herbs to deal with postage and ordering costs and we add a small mixing charge. The cost of herbs is increasing along with everything else these days, but we aim to keep the price to you as low as possible. Raw herbs are more costly but we use them for the efficacy as you get a clear response more quickly using raw herbs. As your treatment progresses, we usually progress to granules (easier to prepare and cheaper) but this is when things are going in a positive, safe and stable direction. The cost of the herbal prescriptions varies a lot depending on what is needed and range from £??? To £/// per week depending on the amount of herbs needed and their individual costs. some herbs, like food ingredients, are relatively cheap, others hard to grow and pricey. It is worth noting that this system of herbal medicine come from a Chinese official whose collection of formulae often used the most readily available, leas pricey and not exotic herbs. We do not make a profit on herbs and again, in the future we would like to ensure that charitable donations means that no one has to worry if they cannot afford their herbal treatment. We do have an option in the clinic and on the website to donate to the Cancer Support clinic, but you are NEVER under any obligation to do so. If you cannot donate, do not. If you feel overwhelming wish to pay something in, don’t let us stop you. It will be appreciated and used as best we can to help someone else.

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