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The best herb course you have ever taken begins in just 5 weeks!

Prescribing herbs without tasting, experiencing, contrasting and comparing is like being a chef that has never tasted food. Join JulieAnn Nugent-Head in the only herbal course of its kind: Tangible, hands on herb immersion for novice and experienced herbalist to deepen understanding and improve clinical results.

In four weekend seminars, we will discuss the pathogenic influences of wind, cold, dampness, dryness and heat in the context of herbs and treatment strategies. We will look at, taste, discuss and compare herbs side by side to ensure each participant understands when and when not to apply them and elucidate herb single use and combination in formula. Practitioners will find this incredible in-person experience with expert herbalist JulieAnn the most deepening and clarifying course available in Europe this year. Improve clinical results and make the herbal books one already has that much more applicable.

A few spaces remain! Sign up now at Miller's Way in London

Booking for Herb Immersion Course £1,380

  • You can cancel up to 2 weeks in advance and get a 50% refund

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