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James Cattermole

Book in with James for Acupuncture
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James Cattermole came to Chinese Medicine in the mid-1990s from a background in highly skilled tradecrafts. Looking for a similar apprenticeship approach to learning in Medicine, he sought out the clinical study with great practitioners of acupuncture, bodywork, exercise and herbs, from the UK's Gateway clinic to China, Thailand, Japan and the USA. Every experience of clear and effective practice brought the responsibility to help others develop the solid skills required to treat. This has developed through years of lecturing and clinical supervision within several UK Chinese Medicine colleges and Universities and leading seminars in many countries across Europe.

Along with the practical skills, James has researched and adapted Chinese and Modern Western Medicine theory to make principles from the Jing (Classics of Chinese Medicine) clear and useable for any serious student from any medical discipline. Since 2010 this teaching work has primarily focused on the "Tangible Medicine" embodied by the work of Andrew Nugent-Head's Association for Traditional Studies. This system's fundamental skills form the basis of all practitioner's work at YUJI, James' former Central London teaching Clinic, and now Miller's Way Project, where he continues the tradition of practical learning so generously passed down to him.

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