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The Millers Way Project team of Acupuncturists in West London. 


What we describe as “Acupuncture” covers a lot of techniques and strategies to help address your symptoms and try to rectify the underlying causes affecting you. This may involve altering the physical structure and the flow of blood through the nervous system, or it may aim to directly affect the tissues. Some of our techniques, such as acupuncture and point pressure, are very direct and suited to muscle tension, nerve pain etc. Techniques such as cupping and massage may address blood flow or the digestive organs, whilst other techniques such as moxa or “deep qi”are more suited to stimulating the metabolism or guiding the nervous system to deal with internal conditions like headaches etc. We will choose the techniques most appropriate and will be actively treating you for the whole session to ensure swift and effective change.


Chloe Ogden

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James Cattermole

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Steve McCulloch

The kind of acupuncture and Chinese medicine we practice:


Our training and practices have primarily been with Andrew Nugent Head (ATS) and Arnaud Versluys (ICEAM). These teachers stress practical clinical applications whose roots are (what are now referred to as) Classical texts or Jing, and whose teachers were not trained in the more recent “TCM” as practiced in Modern Chinese medicine hospitals and taught prolifically in the west. Though we are very familiar with this kind of training, this is not what we practice. Our ways of practising are quite particular, not necessarily better, more authentic, nor worse than any other way of practising. Our approach is centred on a distinct type of medicine which is actually very flexible in application.

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