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A unique alternative therapy centre in London

There are a few notable features about our West london health centre which marks it out from other London natural health care clinics. 


You may notice, for example that there are no separate treatments room. 
Treatments take place in booths within a large and open space with plenty of natural light. There is enough privacy without the feelingfeelong that you are cut off or isolated from other people.
You may also become aware that we put a lot of emphasis on being a Chinese

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You may also become aware that we put a lot of emphasis on being a Chinese medicine teaching clinic.

You may meet students of Chinese medicine or practitioners of other disciplines observing our treatments. We take our commitment to passing on our traditions very seriously.
You may notice that we offer a wide range of, complementary and alternative therapies, but also that we strive to find the common ground in the thinking of all these apparently different disciplines so that they all come together as parts of one, unifying approach.
You might be tempted to think that these are all just quirks or accidents. They are not. Everything about our natural health clinic is deliberate and designed to maximise your safety, enjoyment, understanding and the usefulness of the treatment. This is supposed to be holistic therapy, after all, we might as well use everything to make a range of therapies as it’s enjoyable, accessible and effective as possible. We also want to make sure that we as practitioners have the chance to share our understandings of what is going on with each other, learn from each other and improve what we do constantly.
InN terms of the “open clinic” and the fact that we treat in foldaway booths is the underlying belief that you as a patient should not be quarantined or isolated for being unhealthy. The more you can frame your health in the context of those around you, your family, friends and people whom you have never met, the more healthy our attitudes can be towards health and disease.  
It is important that we can all see that everyone gets unwell and that everyone has the chance to find better states. Furthermore, everyone can teach and learn from everyone else about how to enhance those states. This is natural health.

This can be reflected in the sounds of the clinic. 

You will hear people discuss aspects of their health, and you will hear their reactions to being treated. Sometimes our treatments can be full-on and hard going, sometimes they are the most beautiful treatments you can imagine, and you will hear this in the Oohs and Ahhs and yelps and sighs of bliss if you spend enough time with us.
Whatever your health struggles are, whether you’re suffering from mild aches and pains, occasional anxiety or long term and seemingly intractable conditions, we will do our best to help you, because although we appear to be a “polyclinic” providing a range of therapies, a combined and intelligent and effective approach to getting you to better in the company of pleasant people is really what the Miller's Way Centre consistently offers.

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