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Min Liu


Hi I’m Min, I was brought up by my grandma in a mountainous area in China. Going to the market with her to source food and cook at home was our daily routine. I can still recall the big earthenware with chicken soups. That’s probably the core of my cooking. Seeing people happily eating fresh made food just make me content :).

The way of sourcing and cooking food is not very different from knowing people and using Chinese herbal cooking or acupuncture to treat them. It all starts with good observation and communication with the heart. I’m doing herbal cooking and selling my homemade pickles and teas in Millers Way. If you are in Millers Way on a Friday, I am often cookings lunch. Currently I’m studying Chinese acupuncture in Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine London while observing Steve McCulloch treating in Millers Way on Tuesdays.

I will never tire of having a tea and chat with anyone who is into Chinese calligraphy, ancient Chinese character reading or Huangdi Neijing.

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