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Our outstanding team of practitioners at Miller's Way have helped influence many peoples' lives in so many positive ways. We love it when we hear about these moments. 

There are many other reviews which you can see on our Google + page


"Steve the acupuncturist was recommended to me and I feel so much better after my 3 sessions with him. I have had some unusual symptoMs and couldn't really get to the bottom of what was going on but the combination of acupuncture, bodywork and a session with James, the Chinese herbalist has definitely shifted something. They have a created a most wonderful space and it is joy to step into it after navigating the, sometimes, madness of Shepherds Bush. Highly recommend the treatments and clinic."


"Excellent treatments. Highly skilled practitioners.Hospitable team. Lovely deco. All together a haven to spend time for treatment, classes, and wholesome tea, which is offered to anybody as soon as they come through the door. Unique approach. Feel lucky to have come across it."


"I've been seeing Steve for 2 years I think. I injured my neck about 10 years ago and it only seemed to get worse, Codeine or endless physio were my other options. On a whim I though I should try acupuncture, the gains I have made in mobility, pain levels, mood and sleep are excellent. Its like 10 massages and months of physio in one visit. The new place is also very nice, come for the treatment, stay for the tea."


"Have been seeing Steve about a frozen shoulder and the results have been better than I had hoped. Anyone who has suffered from this condition will know the agonising pain and limited range of motion that goes along with it - normal recovery times are between 1 and 3 years, but Steve has managed to give me 95% range of motion back in less than 6 months and the pain has almost completely disappeared. Prior to this I had gone down the physio/steroid injection route with little to no progress, so this is nothing short of remarkable."


"A difficult case of IT Band Syndrome which was not responding well to conventional physiotherapy, was essentially resolved after only two acupuncture sessions with Chloe. She is very reassuring and attentive to comfort; the sessions were a pleasure throughout. I imagine I'll be returning regularly with the slightest excuse!"


"I have experienced many different Pilates and yoga instructors. What sets Charlotte apart is her extraordinary ability to communicate. Her deep knowledge of her craft underpinned by a thorough grasp of anatomy combines with her capacity to explain clearly exactly what each posture is intended to do and what you can expect to feel if you’re doing it correctly. Classes are varied, challenging, well-prepared. She’s a caring teacher – there may be many people in the class but with Charlotte you feel you have her individual attention."


"Amazing acupuncturist Chloe! Thank you you saved my week I could not move my neck and I was back to normal the second day!"


"I have had a significant neck issue for nearly three years. Have tried everything - osteopathy, massage, PT, rest... yet, over the course of the last month working with Chloe, this pain has reduced by 95% and I now have more mobility and significantly less discomfort. I had not experienced acupuncture previously but am now a huge fan. The entire team at Millers Way Project is welcoming, professional and seriously skilled. The space is amazing. All around a fantastic experience. I cannot recommend highly enough. It is a rare combo to find someone as skilled and knowledgeable as Chloe. She is a true gem."


"I can only thank and highly recommend Chloe for her professionalism, expertise and commitment all along the rehabilitation journey from my ACL reconstruction, back (L4/5 herniated disc/sciatica), Chest infections, shoulder injury, to summiting successfully Kilimanjaro (a personal goal a decade in the making)! Chloe’s holistic approach is tailored to her patients’ goals and objectives and her flawless support, dedication and drive towards achieving my dreams as her patient, have been instrumental in the long months of recovery and even after! She helped me restore full functionality of the knee, unlock the emotional of the back pain, release stress and help sleep pattern and digestion"


"I’m a different person since I started coming to see Chloe, healthier, stronger and more flexible as well as knowing more about myself and my body. She really takes the time to understand the deep reasons as to why you’re seeking treatment and offers advice post-treatment to keep your healing moving. She’s utterly professional yet super friendly and caring. I can’t recommend her enough."


"I absolutely love Charlotte's classes. Seriously, finding Yin is one of the best things to happen to me and I really love your teaching style. I particularly like how you explain each pose and the information you give us about the different meridians and Chinese medicine etc. I find that fascinating and I’m learning so much. I’ve found my flexibility and range of movement has increased so much since starting yin with you. I just want to say thanks so much for everything you do. Your classes have had such a positive impact on me and I am so grateful for that."


"I am a tennis coach and was struggling with a sport injury in my foot. My injury was a complex situation I was introduced by Steve to keyworkers treatment which is very unbelievably just £40. James Cattermole, the king of acupuncture took my treatment on, together with his assistances and I immediately on the first session, felt I am on the right way to recovery. James did what no physiotherapist and Osteopath could do. James knows his job very well, and one can completely put the trust in him and let him do his magic. I do recommend the key workers sessions to anyone who has complex problems as it is going to bring the health back to you. Thank you James. You made a big difference in my life. not just by acupuncture but also by giving a bigger view into why my problems started. Millers way is a kind, trusting, centre of genuine, professional people who care for well being of people. Thank you all of you at Millers way."

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