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Our outstanding team of practitioners at Miller's Way have helped influence many peoples' lives in so many positive ways. We love it when we hear about these moments. 

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"Jo has been giving massages to the good people of Innocent for over 10 years. She’s part of the furniture and we’d be absolutely lost without her. Not only is Jo flexible and able to adapt her massages to suit the needs of each individual person, but she also gives great expert advice and is always willing to help with any problems someone might be having. Jo’s massages have been a key part of our wellbeing offering at Innocent, and she is an absolute delight to work with."


"I can only thank and highly recommend Chloe for her professionalism, expertise and commitment all along the rehabilitation journey from my ACL reconstruction, back (L4/5 herniated disc/sciatica), Chest infections, shoulder injury, to summiting successfully Kilimanjaro (a personal goal a decade in the making)! Chloe’s holistic approach is tailored to her patients’ goals and objectives and her flawless support, dedication and drive towards achieving my dreams as her patient, have been instrumental in the long months of recovery and even after! She helped me restore full functionality of the knee, unlock the emotional of the back pain, release stress and help sleep pattern and digestion"


"I’m a different person since I started coming to see Chloe, healthier, stronger and more flexible as well as knowing more about myself and my body. She really takes the time to understand the deep reasons as to why you’re seeking treatment and offers advice post-treatment to keep your healing moving. She’s utterly professional yet super friendly and caring. I can’t recommend her enough."


"I absolutely love Charlotte's classes. Seriously, finding Yin is one of the best things to happen to me and I really love your teaching style. I particularly like how you explain each pose and the information you give us about the different meridians and Chinese medicine etc. I find that fascinating and I’m learning so much. I’ve found my flexibility and range of movement has increased so much since starting yin with you. I just want to say thanks so much for everything you do. Your classes have had such a positive impact on me and I am so grateful for that."


"I had a 90 minute Deep Tissue Massage with Himalayan Singing bowl treatment from Claudia and it was an experience like no other. The sound bowls felt really amazing on my stomach and my back and sent vibrations through my entire body relaxing me deeper for my massage. It was a very unique experience and Claudia performed it in a very professional manner. Unlike other massages I've had before, it did not feel rushed and felt as though Claudia really cared about healing my body and wanted to ensure I had the best experience. I felt amazing after the treatment and would definitely recommend it."


"I had the Abdominal and Sacral Massage with Claudia and it was a revelation. Not really knowing what it was, I came with the hope of soothing a lower back pain. Not only my back felt better the next few days but my mood radically changed just after the massage. From feeling poorly physically and mentally I left the room completely relaxed, energized and light hearted. I would definitively recommend Claudia, she is a friendly and professional therapist and her technique using singing bowls is incredible."


"I have used Jo on multiple occasions for sports massage as part of my training plans for several marathons and a half Ironman and she has always produced excellent results for me in terms of getting me ready for my big sporting events.
She was recommended to me by an extremely experienced runner, and I have always been really pleased with the treatments. The massage itself is always extremely tailored by Jo to what is going on with my body (and mind!), with a focus on not just going hard for the sake of it (but harder if you want it)."


"I've been seeing Jo over the past few years for both sports injuries, tennis elbow in particular, and for more general therapeutic massages. I always leave the session feeling fantastic - like I've just had two large gins. Relaxed, refreshed and in a better head space than before. She has put really stringent safety measures in place post covid which is very reassuring.
Jo brings a positive energy to every session and is a joy to be treated by."


"I did a consultation with Charlotte as my 2 year old son was suffering from a very dominating fear of doing a bowel movement on the toilet, so much so it was taking over all of our days. He was also very constipated and in pain when he passed a motion. Charlotte knew exactly what he needed and highlighted that it was just as important to work on his fear as it was to work on the constipation he was experiencing. She gave us the necessary remedies for these issues and I can honestly say he is so much better and we haven’t looked back. His fear reduced hugely and I was surprised and very happy about how quickly this happened! As his fear reduced so did his constipation. I really recommend doing a consultation with Charlotte to help balance any physical but also emotional imbalances within the body."


"I have experienced many different Pilates and yoga instructors. What sets Charlotte apart is her extraordinary ability to communicate. Her deep knowledge of her craft underpinned by a thorough grasp of anatomy combines with her capacity to explain clearly exactly what each posture is intended to do and what you can expect to feel if you’re doing it correctly. Classes are varied, challenging, well-prepared. She’s a caring teacher – there may be many people in the class but with Charlotte you feel you have her individual attention."


"Claudia massages with feeling. In each session I’ve had with her, there is a sense that whenever I feel a certain body needing focus, in that precise moment her hands go there and will stay for as long as needed. When the massage also matches ones needed pressure and rhythm, then a perfect flow develops that allows one to journey inwards and the massage becomes so much more than just mere physical bodywork.
That has been my experience with Claudia’s beautiful intuitive touch- highly recommended."


“Incredibly intuitive. I first went to Claudia when she was newly qualified; I thought she’d been doing it forever! I like a firm and ‘investigative’ or remedial massage. Claudia knows intuitively what needs special attention, and where to be gentle too. I have definitely been elevated to dream like states from her singing bowls - which I cannot recommend highly enough. And I never knew I liked an abdominal massage.....”