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Pascale Chaillet


Since her early twenties, Pascale has been passionate about personal development and naturalhealthcare, searching for a harmonious connection with our social and natural environments. Her early practice in traditional martial arts – Karate, Aikido and Tai Chi – and later in Mindfulness and Yoga connected her with the fascinating world of energy.

It is only in 2011, at a stressful time in her corporate business career, that Pascale unexpectedlycrossed the path of a Shiatsu Practitioner and received Shiatsu for the first time. This healing experience was so extraordinary that she enrolled in a 3-year course, entered in a process of self-healing, and became a Shiatsu practitioner in 2014. Call it serendipity, this encounter changed her life path forever.

Pascale continuously develops her practice with regular post-graduate training such as treating trauma, stress, anxiety, depression and long-Covid with Shiatsu, or working with the four vibrational levels - Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual – and chakras’ resonance. She has been deepening her understanding and connection with universal energy and has transformed her art of touch into a sensory experience for those who seek to (re)gain ownership of their body-heart-mind-soul.

Well respected in diverse communities, Pascale has helped individuals restore balance when stress or anxiety manifest, regain vitality when exhaustion lingers, and rebuild physical and emotional self-confidence when recovering from depleting ill-health. 

When talking about Pascale, people say “she combines grace with kindness, compassion with understanding, respect with curiosity, healing hands with healing words.”

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