Oleg Lebedev

Qi Gong instructor

For BaZi bookings with Oleg please contact him directly on 07810 522 044.

Oleg Lebedev is a Nei Gong and Qi Gong practitioner and a qualified Qi Gong instructor teaching syllabus of Lotus Nei Gong International School ( Oleg has been training under Damo Mitchell - international author and the founder of Lotus Nei Gong school - for over five years. Oleg’s interest lies in the holistic view of human health, which requires balance at physical, mental and spiritual levels - Qi Gong provides a wide range of tools preparing physical body before progressing into the subtler realms of the mind. Oleg is also a qualified Chinese medicine practitioner combining both classical and traditional Chinese medicine methods.

Oleg has also trained in the ancient system of BaZi (Eight Characters 八字 in Chinese), which is a sophisticated profiling system that helps you to better understand yourself (and/or your loved ones), including your strengths and weaknesses, character traits, hidden talents and potential. Unlike widespread personality tests that rely on introspective self-report, BaZi is a sophisticated analysis and profiling system that can be compared to reading your DNA code.

You can book in for readings at Miller's Way with Oleg for yourself or your children by contacting him directly on 07810 522 044.