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Holistic Facial Acupuncture

 with Min Liu



Min is a qualified acupuncturist (MAcS) who specialises in facial acupuncture. Her treatments encompass a holistic approach to treating your skin to restore a healthy elasticity and youthful glow. 

The facial commences with a relaxing head massage, followed by light guasha using Mount Sapo floral oil to activate blood flow on the face and neck, before the application of targeted and gentle needling around problem areas of the face. Whilst the needles are active, Min will move onto the abdominal area with tuina massage techniques to optimise digestion (as efficient elimination of waste from our gut has a direct effect on the quality of our skin).  Moxa may be used to warm up the lower abdomen and stimulate energy in this important area. After removing the needles, a Medler hydration or calming sheet mask will be used on face, and Min will finish the treatment with pampering the hardworking, and often neglected, feet.  

During the consultation Min will enquire about three primary aspects of your health, as they are closely related with facial conditions:

  1. Bowel movements

  2. Sleep quality

  3. Frequency of negative emotions.


Note: please do not wear makeup when attending your holistic facial acupuncture treatment.

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