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Bowen Therapy and Scar Tissue 

James Palmer

James Palmer offers manual therapy for physical trauma and neuro-muscular pain


Physical trauma to the body is like a hardware issue on a machine – there is tangible, physical damage which, when addressed, improves the function of the body.  


Scar Integration works with soft tissue damage (e.g. torn tendons and muscles) and scarring, including C sections, post-surgical scars and traumatic scars. Scars frequently restrict physical function (difficulty straightening joints, scars pulling to create back pain, digestive issues etc), look conspicuous (not just the scar incision, but the underlying scar and how the area around it sits), and can have emotional weight.  


BoneWork is used to address broken and damaged bones and cartilage, sprains and joint issues (e.g. twisted or unstable ankle, pelvic issues after childbirth, scoliosis, whiplash) and cranial trauma (childhood falls, concussion, accidents etc). We can work with broken bones where there was surgery (metal work etc) and bones which are treated conservatively (ie immobilisation and time), including breaks to toes, fingers, ribs and noses which otherwise cannot be treated.  


Neuro muscular pain is like a software or wiring problem on a machine – there may be nothing obviously wrong on the outside, but the machine is not working how it should. This occurs when the body’s signalling (nervous system) is compromised and muscles react causing physical pain or impaired function.  


Bowen Technique is a style of neuromuscular therapy which is used for a wide range of conditions which are not caused by physical trauma, including muscular-skeletal pain eg neck, shoulder and back pain, plantar fasciitis, and other issues such as migraines, vertigo, digestive issues and stress related conditions. Neuromuscular problems present as pain or discomfort, but symptoms can come on for no clear reason, and they tend not to respond that well to local treatment of the painful area. This is because the cause is not the painful area, but the balance between the nervous system, the muscles and the skeleton. 


Most people need some work on both their “hardware” and their “software”, but this is something we can explore in the first session, as the balance is different for everyone.  



Dr. J.K. Palmer


Late Cancellation

If you need to cancel or postpone a session please let me know more than 24 hours before. If I am unable to fill the session at the last moment, I will regrettably need to charge you for it.  

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