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It's time to pay the final amount for the the Herb Immersion workshop with Julie Ann. Your price was £1,240 in total for the 4 weekends. Minus £250 deposit leaves you £990 to pay.


Final payment for Herb Immersion Course - £990

  • A four weekend herb tasting CPD workshop with JulieAnn Nugent-Head

    The four seminars (one for each season) are relaxed but focussed sessions run by JulieAnn Nugent-Head of ATS in the open kitchen of Miller’s Way clinic. They have been designed to reframe your whole understanding of herbal medicine and are ideal for either the experienced herbalist wishing to increase the scope of their work, or as a solid introduction for those planning to enrich their acupuncture skills with herbal study.

    The Four weekends of the course are: March 9/10, June 22/23, September 21/22 and November 9/10

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