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Renting Our Space


Are you looking for a place to practice as a therapist or a space for your workshop or seminar? Miller's Way Project offers several stunning, tranquil and well-equipped options.


We completely refurbished the old Tabernacle memorial hall in Shepherds Bush to provide spaces for treatment therapy, movement therapy, exercise and seminars.
With 2 floors there are several therapy spaces including a sound-proof treatment room on the 1st floor and a large ground floor space that can also be broken into a studio space and a workshop/seminar space.

Ground Floor

Our large open space. This can also be broken into 2 areas with the use of a soundproof divider. Includes 2 standard toilets and 1 disabled toilet (with foot wash).

Ground floor -  Tea House

Perfect for one-to-one or small groups of up to 3 -  £25/hr.


Ground floor -  Dojo

Studio area suitable for classes of 15 to 20 people - £50 - £75/hr

(for half & full day rates, please enquire)


Ground floor - Whole Area 

Includes projector and streaming equipment - £65 - £100/hr

(for half & full day rates please enquire)

First Floor

A therapy space with 4 booths separated by dividers and 1 private and soundproof therapy room with a couch. Dividers can be folded away to provide an open space for training, workshops or seminars. Includes a full kitchen, one toilet and one toilet with a shower.

First floor Therapy booth 

Includes hydraulic couch

Adhoc hire - £20/hr

First floor Quiet Room

Adhoc hire - £25/hr

Favourable terms available for repeat block booking


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