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Reconnecting with the Ground

A 2 hour taster workshop with Ben Medder




“It isn’t the end of the road; it’s just a bend in the road. And falling isn’t failing, unless you don’t get up.” - Mary Pickford 


The fear of falling stems from the fear of the unknown. What will happen? What will be the consequences? It's the uncertainty of the terrain, a terrain that used to be familiar when we were children, but now perhaps feels unfamiliar? And maybe even dangerous? It can do, especially if it is a sudden and unexpected journey.

I want to explore this unexpected Journey through a series of workshops running through 2024, starting here.

In this 2-hour taster workshop, my aim is to first help you learn ways to reconnect with the ground; reclaiming it as a place of rest and comfort. This will help you to re-find and re-build your confidence and in this process,  begin to ease any fears of falling to the ground By developing new skills to fall, we can begin to reframe our perception of falling, and as a result, we can see how the transformation of this  unknown and scary place into a familiar destination is possible. 


Setting small achievable goals will allow us to travel there (to the floor) frequently, willingly and playfully, feeling safe in doing so. We will eventually take this reformed relationship into gradually more challenging games and tasks and also clear strategies and techniques to keep you safe. This way, when unexpected challenges arise, we will be better equipped to flow with  them.


Wednesday 17th January 2024
(10:00 - 12:00)

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