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Movement Therapy

One to one sessions to regain your natural movement

We live in a time with overwhelming amounts of information to help yourself but limited time and energy to decipher and apply it. This 2-hour mobility workshop is designed to introduce tools and ideas to help you regain your mobility, explore and map the unique landscape that is your body and understand how we coordinate ourselves through movement for joint health, longevity and athletic potential so that we might move better. From exploring the component parts of the body, the feet, ankles, knees, hips, spine and arms to zooming out and seeing the entire picture and have you leaving the workshop with material to be proactive with your mobility practice, instead of only being reactive.


Everyone is different and so one prescription will not work for everyone. There needs to be a balance between having things given to you on a plate to get you started and investing the time and energy, when you have it, to ‘learn how to fish’. Thus there will be a balance of tools you can take and incorporate immediately into your practice and for me more importantly, there will be underlying principles with which you can go away and craft your own ideas and become your own architect of your practice.


Suitable for all ages, experience and bodies.

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