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Miller's Way

Price increase

From 1st of April we are increasing our one-off treatment prices slightly for acupuncture treatments.

We have resisted as long as possible but the recent increases in energy and ..... well pretty much everything, have meant we no longer have a choice. 


We haven't increased the price of our Pricing Plans

So you can still buy 5 treatments at the same incredible price

Some great upcoming events

July Gong Bath & Meditation @ Miller's Way

A meditative and deeply relaxing Sound Bath

Gong Bath with Eve Mehei - 7:30 - 8:30 pm

Monday 25th July 2020

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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Chloe, James and Steve are the founders and acupuncturists at Miller's Way. Each has studied extensively in a style of acupuncture called Yin Style Ba Gua (meaning the 8 movements).

This method has been passed down from teachers that used to treat in the Beijing Imperial Court.

It is a technique that is direct and impactful, using needles, cupping and hands-on work on the body. It requires the practitioner to have particularly sensitive palpation skills which are developed by regular and consistent practice.

The techniques can be strong in treatment if required but also incredibly gentle when appropriate.

Chloe, James and Steve are very serious about what they do, and their results are a testament to this style of acupuncture.

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Ayurvedic Medicine @ Miller's Way Project

Millers Way, Shepherds Bush, W6 7NH

Ayurveda is over 5000 years old and means “the knowledge of life”. It’s a medicine of balance. 


By determining your Dosha type (your unique constitution) understand what balances your physiology, what aggravates it and how to remedy the issue.

Eve is our Ayurvedic practitioner and Following a detailed consultation, you’ll receive a full assessment including life-style and nutrition recommendations as well as herbal medicines prescription.

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Meditation and Breath Work
Wednesdays at 6:30pm

Join Oleg and learn the fundamental skill of meditation to focus and relax the mind.


Meditation and Breath work is one of the principal tools ancient cultures used to calm the mind, increase focus and release tension throughout the body often leading to better sleep, digestion and overall health.

Many people believe they cannot focus or relax their mind with meditation, often because the preliminary steps have not been taught or practiced enough. This class addresses those issues by taking participants through the foundational steps of meditation based on the traditions of Nei Gong (an ancient Chinese method of body and mind health).

This class is appropriate for those new to meditation or those that want to re-address their interest in this ancient art.


View and book some of our more popular treatments below


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Our practice combines acupuncture and bodywork during your appointment and our treatments are always specific and appropriate to your state of health on the day of the treatment. 

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Our practitioners are trained in Deep Tissue, Remedial, Sports, Relaxation and Pregnancy Massage and so can adapt treatments to the strength and sensitivity that suits you.

Chinese Medicine Herbs
Chinese Herbal Medicine

A Chinese Herbal consult with our senior practitioner to correct many underlying acute and chronic conditions including sleep issues, digestive discomfort, autoimmune problems and chronic pain.

The Project


Finding alternative solutions

for medical conditions

We treat those whose challenges are not being helped adequately by conventional approaches using methods originally developed in the Far East over several thousands of years, adapted for the modern era.


These involve a collection of physical exercises, herbal treatments, and bodywork interventions (e.g. joint manipulation, massage and acupuncture), all based on a profound understanding of how living organisms function to bring the intelligent systems of the body and mind back to efficient physiological patterns.

More information coming soon.


The treatments at Miller’s Way all represent well-proven and effective approaches that use different tools but similar philosophies to restore the core aspects of human health.

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Our teachers help you explore and understand your physical capabilities so that you can learn from your strengths and weaknesses and build an enjoyable and adaptable resilience.

Assistant Clinic

We are committed to passing on our knowledge and upholding the lineages of the teachers who have taught us, and we strive for excellence in the students who train with us. Contact us to register your interested in assisting.

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Courses & Events

Specialist events to give you a more detailed insight into various aspects of health and coaching from our experienced instructors.

Clinical Training

Continually progressing our own skills and knowledge through practice, collaboration with other specialists and comprehension of new techniques.

Contact us for opportunities

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We will engage with the local community wherever possible, forming alliances with other like-minded organisations and clubs, and offering affordable options for those on low incomes. 


Take a look at our space below or

click here to rent it

Lizzie A.

I have experienced many different Pilates and yoga instructors. What sets Charlotte apart is her extraordinary ability to communicate. 

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