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Herb Immersion Course

A herb tasting immersion workshop with
JulieAnn Nugent-Head

Four Weekends throughout 2024

Each weekend coincides with the 4 seasons

@ Miller's Way, London

March 9/10
June 22/23
September 21/22
November 9/10

The four seminars (one for each season) are relaxed but focussed sessions run by JulieAnn Nugent-Head of ATS in the open kitchen of Miller’s Way clinic.

They have been designed to reframe your whole understanding of herbal medicine and are ideal for either the experienced herbalist wishing to increase the scope of their work, or as a solid foundation for those planning to enrich their acupuncture skills with herbal study.

For more information on this fantastic and informative course, including the curriculum, please scroll to the bottom of the page.


The full cost for the four weekends is £1,500

However you can get significant discounts:

  1. £1,380 if you book early (limited availability) OR

  2. £1,240 if you book with a group of friends (min number of 5 required)

Click an option below to choose an early booking discount


Take advantage of our group booking to receive a coupon for you and your friends to use to get the significant group discount.

Traditional herbalists, like great chefs, were expected to be regularly tasting their herbs to gain sensory understanding of how the flavour and nature combined to create tangible effect. This carefully curated library of sensations of the herb’s thickness, depth, and qualities of movement and temperature allowed the skilled practitioner to be able to intuitively adapt their formula precisely to different patients, seasons and conditions.

The Association for Traditional Studies (ATS) Herb Immersion Course takes your knowledge of herbs and formulae out of the books and wires it into your senses. Each of the four weekends through the year focusses on the pathologies prevalent in that season (wind, heat, damp and cold) and equips you with variable strategies for rectifying the micro-climate of your patients whatever their symptoms.
Your Instructor

Course Curriculum (Note: dates are for US course)


JulieAnn Nugent-Head (MD China) spent 9 years studying in China with the last generation of pre-TCM practitioners. Her mission is to tangibly demonstrate the efficacy and simplicity of Chinese herbal medicine, bringing alive the clear structure underlying classical theory from the ShenNongBenCao Jing & Nei Jing through to the ShangHanLun. Her extensive online teaching platform also gives you access to the learning circle of ATS practitioners across Europe & the US, who are finding practical clinical solutions to modern illnesses

JulieAnn Nugent-Head

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