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Feldenkrais Lessons

Developing Freedom & Resilience In Our Shoulders

Developing Freedom & Resilience In Our Shoulders With Ulric Whyte

 This 2 lesson workshop will focus on ways that we can develop greater awareness, organisation and freedom within our neck & shoulders Over time; be it due to just ‘modern living’, habitual ways of sitting, working or performing everyday chores, we often develop unhelpful habits of tension in our neck and shoulders.


Over time, these habits tend to interfere with both our comfort and mobility. Without us noticing, the muscles attached to our neck and shoulders become chronically contracted, shortening and compressing our neck, and over time, leading to pain, constricted breathing, anxiety, jaw pain, back pain, and headaches. We will explore two Feldenkrais lessons together, to improve the neuromuscular organisation of our neck and shoulders, with the intention of improving our shoulder & neck health, leading to a greater range of movement and freedom, softness and relaxation.

6pm - 8pm Thursday 27th April, 2023
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