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Menstrual Cycle Workshop

A refreshing look into the remarkable nature of the menstrual cycle

Begin your Journey into the Secrets of Your Menstrual Cycle with Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science


What would it be like to embrace your menstrual cycle with confidence so you can thrive in every part of your life?

Join us (Tara* & Chloe) for an exclusive 2-hour workshop where we blend ancient Chinese wisdom with cutting-edge research to guide you on a transformative journey through your menstrual cycle.


Saturday 18th May 2024
(14:00 - 16:00)
£45.00 per person

Limited Seats Available - Book Your Spot Now!

What You'll Learn:

  • Cycle Awareness: Delve deep into the phases of your menstrual cycle, exploring how each stage affects your body, mind, and energy.

  • Chinese Wisdom: Learn how traditional Chinese medicine views the menstrual cycle and discover practical ways to improve your hormonal health.

  • Latest research: Gain insights from modern science on hormonal fluctuations, cycle tracking, and strategies to manage period pain and PMS.

  • Perimenopause journey: Explore the ways that the east and west celebrate women’s passage into their Second Spring.

  • Holistic Wellness Practices: Discover holistic practices like acupressure, foot soaks, and mindfulness techniques tailored to support your cycle.


Why Attend:

  • Empowerment: Gain the knowledge to take control of your menstrual health and well-being.

  • Practical Tools: Receive actionable strategies to alleviate period pain, manage PMS, and optimise your cycle.

  • Community: Connect with like-minded women in a supportive and nurturing environment.

  • Expert Guidance: Have all your burning questions answered by leading practitioners in Chinese medicine and period health.

Whether you're seeking relief from period symptoms or simply want to connect with your body on a deeper level, this workshop is for you

* Tara Ghosh is a menstrual health educator, passionate about supporting people with periods to feel strong whatever season of life they are in. She is a certified women’s health coach, an abdominal therapist and works with people around the world 1:1 and through workshops helping them navigate their period health and the menopause transition. She is a sought after speaker at schools, empowering the next generation to understand their bodies from the get go.

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