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For our community causes

As our clinic grows, we are starting to provide treatments to charitable causes

A principal objective of the founders when setting up Miller's Way Project was to provide support to the local community and to make treatment accessible across all income brackets. To this end a percentage of our profits go into a "charitable pot" to enable those treatments. Although it's a good start, we also require the assistance of donations from the public so that we can really make a difference.

Please Donate whatever you can as this will help

those in need get the treatments you enjoy
The Harrow Club Carers

On Tuesday mornings our Tearoom becomes the venue for a new collaboration with the Harrow Club, a West London youth club supporting local children and their families.


We are thrilled to be providing a much needed respite for the parents and staff of the club by providing acupuncture treatments free of charge, whilst also providing them with relief from pain and other health conditions.


If you would like to support us in this work and help us increase the number of treatments that we can offer, please feel free to hit the donate button below and give whatever you can.

How will your donation be used

As therapists, we often feel it is our obligation to greatly reduce the price ofor provide for free, private treatments to those that can't afford to pay. Your donation will be used to pay the therapist for treatments they give to those within our charitable programme. As we get donations, we will keep a running record of how much we receive and how it is spent. This spreadsheet will always be made available at the bottom of this page.

Support Our Cause
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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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