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Bowen Therapy and Scar Tissue 

James Palmer

James specialises in Scar Integration, especially broken bones, and postnatal, postsurgical and traumatic scars (from dog bites to skiing accidents and car crashes). We tend to downplay their importance, but scars, and the events which caused them, often change the posture and functioning of the body in deep ways, even when they themselves don’t hurt. ScarWork can be the missing piece when other treatments don’t hold or don’t work.  


Scar Integration is a gentle touch therapy developed from the Structural Integration (Rolfing) practice of Sharon Wheeler who trained directly with Dr Ida Rolf. It is not the same as scar massage. We work directly with the scar, but just as much with the surrounding area and how that relates to the rest of the body. Techniques for working with scars are complemented by specific work for muscles, tendons, damaged bones and cartilage.  


James also works with the Bowen Technique to bring neurostructural balance (the relationship between the nervous system and the body structure) which is valuable for everything from plantar fasciitis, to sciatica, back and neck pain, to migraines.  

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