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Traditional Chinese Bone Setting


Bone Setting is a profound method of correcting injuries and damage in the body's structure, soft tissue and nervous system to improve qi flow and mental wellbeing. It can only be learned and performed by martial arts experts as it requires a high degree of command over the internal force, or jin, and a refined level of ting jin, the ability to feel deep inside the body of the patient.

It is because of these high requirements that this method is almost lost, even in mainland China, where modern techniques have replaced it, and there are few people left who are skilled enough to teach it.

What is it Good For?

Besides promoting general health and wellbeing, there are too many potential uses of Bone Setting to list. However, below  you can find a list of things we have heard from our clients.

✔ Improved Nerve Communication in the Body 

✔ Improved Joint Motion and Coordination 

✔ Improved Circulation

✔ Improved Physical, Energetic and Mental Function  

✔ Improved Posture

✔ Relief from Back and Neck Pain 

✔ Relief from Leg, Knee, Foot and Ankle Pain 

✔ Relief from Arm, Wrist, Shoulders or Elbow Pain 

✔ Relief from Stress and Tension Disorders 

✔ Relief from Joint Discomfort 

✔ Relief from Bursitis   

✔ Relief from Arthritis 

✔ Relief from Chronic Injuries

✔ Improved organ function 

✔ Rehabilitation

✔ Scoliosis Relief 

✔ Plantar Fasciitis Relief 

✔ Sprains Relief 

✔ Headaches and Migraine Relief

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