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Balance Training

A clinical trial in association with St Mary’s University and Functional Movement Coach Ben Medder.

In April 12th 2023 we offered limited FREE spaces on a local clinical trial
to improve physical balance
This program was part of a clinical trial in association with St Mary’s University and Functional Movement Coach Ben Medder. 
This clinical trial was to test the degree to which someone’s ability to remain balanced on one leg could be improved using physical exercise only.  

Eligibility criteria: 

 Participants had to fit certain criteria to be included in the trial. 

60 + years of age 

Able to walk for half an hour  

Able to walk up a flight of stairs (even if with difficulty) 

Have no major falls, breaks or hospitalisations in the past year 

The trial was a great success and we are hoping to start classes for elders in the near future, focussing on similar principles and concepts. Please do get in touch if you would be interested in joining.

More information

The ability to balance on one leg is essential not only as a measure for long term health and reduced risk of falling, but also because it improves ability in everyday tasks such as putting on clothing, stepping off kerbs and walking up and downstairs. This skill can have significant impact on muscle tone and control as well as general confidence levels and cognitive ability 


The approach to training involves checking for movement capability in certain areas of the body, then training these component parts separately to before learning to coordinate them to achieve excellent one leg balance capability on both legs. No medication or medical intervention will be given and there is no control group (which means everyone will be getting the full training) 


The training commitment for participants is one hour, two times per week, Wednesday and Fridays for four weeks. Training is provided by Ben Medder at Millers Way project, W6, Shepherds bush. Specific home exercises are also given. 

Booking is online via the website. 


All we ask is that you can participate in all (or at least most of) the sessions session, allow us to assess your balance with a one leg balance test and foot plate scanner when you come for testing, and answer a questionnaire at beginning and end of the trial to assess any useful knock on effects from the course of balance training. 

Your Instructor

Ben has 10 years coaching experience internationally, and is widely recognised as one of the earliest contributors to the UK movement scene. As a father of 3, his children are his biggest inspiration, having the privilege to glimpse at the world through their eyes to rediscover childlike qualities we admire and embrace. Passionate about embodiment via movement and empowering people to find their own way and believe that they know their bodies best, he is focussed on facilitating playful and meaningful practice, mainly in outdoor spaces.

Ben Medder

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