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Ayurveda & Sound Healing

Ayurvedic practitioner, sound healer, nutrition & lifestyle coach
Ayurvedic Medicine and Sound Healing at Miller's Way Project
with Eve Mehei

To Book Please contact Eve:
m: 07855 640 598

Eve specialises in chronic illnesses and female related ailments, using a combination of Ayurvedic therapy, diet & lifestyle changes as well as Sound based techniques.

Instead of solely treating symptoms, Ayurveda and Sound healing tackle the root cause of the disease for a durable remission. Ayurveda provides an extensive method of diagnostic, dietary and lifestyle recommendations as well as herbal medicines, while Sound healing boosts immunity and reduces stress.

​Ayurvedic Treatments

To Book a treatment at Miller's Way

please contact Eve

m: 07855 640 598 e:

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Ayurveda is over 5000 years old and means “the knowledge of life”. It is a medicine of balance and the healing protocol depends on your unique constitution. We treat the symptoms to relieve the patient from pain and discomfort but it's establishing the cause of the disorder that will lead to true remission. Mopping the water on the bathroom floor is only useful if you first switch off the tap.

Ayurveda is aligned with Nature. The ingredients of the medicines used originate mainly from plants and minerals, and sometimes from animal sources (honey, milk and ghee for example). Ayurvedic Medicine has no side-effects and also treats the psychosomatic aspect of the disease. 


Ayurvedic Full Assessment (aka Ayurvedic Consultation)


90 min - £90 – Miller’s Way Project


Following an extensive questionnaire on your diet, life-style and habits, we establish the nature of any imbalance and your unique constitution. You’ll get to understand what balances your physiology, what aggravates it and how to remedy the issue. Following our consultation, you’ll receive a full assessment including life-style and nutrition recommendations as well as a herbal medicine prescription. Through the process you’ll gain knowledge of your Body, Mind and Soul. You’ll understand the life-style and foods compatible with your nature and those triggering the issue.


Follow-up consultations when needed, are £80 and 60 min.

Contact Eve:


m: 07855 640 598

What is your constitution: the Dosha Consultation


90 min - £90 – Miller’s Way Project


Would you like to know what you’re made of in order to stay healthy?

The Dosha Consultation will allow you to restore balance and preserve your health. Contrary to the allopathic appraoch, Ayurveda adapts its treatment to the patient and his or her unique constitution. Your constitution depends on the life in-utero, your environment and your genetic heritage which all dictate your natural state of balance; but our diet and the lives we lead often put us into a state of imbalance. By knowing your dosha, you’ll understand the diet and lifestyle which aggravate or balance mind and body. The doshic consultation is an investment in your long-term health and an increased consciousness of you who are, not only physically but intellectually and emotionally as well.


Contact Eve:


m: 07855 640 598

Full Assessment
Dosah Consult
Sound Healing

Sound Healing Treatments​

  • Sound Healing 1-on-1 - 90 min, £100

To Book a treatment at Millers Way

please contact Eve

m: 07855 640 598 e:

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Sound healing is an energetic healing system which brings you to a state of passive meditation by taking your brain waves to a Theta state (4-8 Hz), promoting homeostasis or the dialogue between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It helps with depression, anxiety and stress, and helps to detox the body and boost immunity. It also deals with calculi, joint pains, tinnitus and a wide range of energetic emotional blockages. Expect an uncommon and deeply soothing experience.


You'll often hear that Sound Healing brings one to different levels of consciousness: and indeed, you are not sleeping or dreaming, but you will feel you aren't here, and yet you are. Effortlessly, your system aligns with the frequencies played and suddenly time and place disappear. Sound can move and shape matter at a molecular level through the quantic principles of resonance and entrainment. This has been well documented through the science of Cymatics, where solid particles change their collective shape and reorganise themselves harmoniously according to the frequencies played.

Your Sound Healing Session: what to expect?


As you lie down, the bowls and various other instruments are played away from and on the body (without skin contact). Bring comfortable and warn clothing as your body temperature will decrease during the treatment.

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