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Our Values

Miller’s Way is a human health project, comprising a treatment centre and a training space in west London, Shepherds Bush.


Our aim is to guide and lead you to health using effective alternative treatment strategies and through changing life habits to resolve the problems that face us all, whether these be diagnosed medical conditions or the stumbling blocks in life which fall outside of medical diagnosis or where current treatment protocols are ineffective or unsatisfactory.

Although we value our reputation for clinical efficacy, our approach lies beyond only treating and “fixing” conditions. We also provide expert training in the fundamental aspects of life, the skills of mastering how your body and mind works to adapt to every change in the outside world.

We make these “Lifecrafts” accessible so that they can tangibly transfer into everyday, every moment and every aspect of our lives and ripple across all the structures and circumstances of the life that we live within.


To do this we draw on ancestral knowledge and new ways of understanding to pass on lessons derived from Daoist and Ayurvedic traditions, because their tried and tested principles provide such a concise, clear and remarkably accurate framework for recognising the “givens” of human life and how to maximise your efficient and artful crafting of these practices into your own lives.


The Project of Miller’s Way is not about preserving or copying ancient practices, but to pass on this understanding of how to identify and nurture, train and refine physical, mental and social abilities in a way that seems obvious, coherent and tailored to you individually, and the modern world you live in.


Our Approach

At our complementary therapy centre, the Treatments aim to free people from the discomfort of inherent barriers so that they are able to train physically and mentally in order to reach new limits of capability and enjoy higher levels of challenge.

The Classes and Courses are based on 5 main facets of physical/mental health which allows us to work with you to assess which aspects you are strong in and where you may need a little guidance and practice:

  • postural integrity 

  • springing flexibility 

  • core balance

  • coordination/rhythms 

  • internal awareness/repair

Our Team

Everyone who treats or trains at Miller’s Way knows this journey well. There is nothing we will ask you to do that we have not asked of ourselves, although we will never assume that our journey is your journey. We embody what we are imparting to others and can speak from our own experience and insights in healing, training and growing. 

Our aim is to assist you in finding out the best path for yourself, and trust that you will generously share your findings with others so that we are all, always, able to learn.

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