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Chinese Medicine

Our approach to acupuncture and Chinese medicine at Miller's Way, Shepherds Bush probably does not align with what you have heard or believe about Chinese medicine. 
We use many different commonly known approaches including needling, cupping, gua sha and Chinese massage. The difference is, we are hands on treating you for the whole appointment. We do not do a technique and then leave you on the table for 20 minutes unattended.
Why? Because we find this creates faster and more effective change which is better for you. If you don't believe us, read our reviews.

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The kind of acupuncture and Chinese medicine we practice:


We get a lot of requests from acupuncture practitioners about working with us, but we have to state openly that we often find little in common with much of Chinese Medicine as it is currently understood and practiced.


Our training and practices have primarily been with Andrew Nugent Head (ATS) and Arnaud Versluys (ICEAM). These teachers stress practical clinical applications whose roots are (what are now referred to as) Classical texts or Jing, and whose teachers were not trained in the more recent “TCM” methods as practiced in modern Chinese medicine hospitals, and taught prolifically in the west. Though we are very familiar with this kind of training, this is not what we practice.


Our ways of practising are quite particular, not necessarily better, more authentic, nor worse than any other way of practicing. Our approach is centred on a distinct style of medicine which is actually very flexible in application. The key principles that we refer back to are always evident, and the framework that the Daoists used is always relevant, so we may as well be honest and admit that we are always going to be using this approach.


The truth is, whether you come to us as a patient or a practitioner or student, our approach to treatment may not be for you. If we help you identify that quickly, then great, we have not wasted each other’s time. 


People’s health, time and money is much too precious for us to waste. Yours and ours.

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